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DashNex is looking for a skilled product owner (out of the box thinker - action taker) who can work together with the CEO and teams to effectively manage the development of our web platforms.

We look for someone very good in the visualization of user experience, and it’s impact—someone who can turn that visualization to development stories. We want someone who can manage the UI/UX design process and oversee them through various development stages

The fundamental guiding principles that we follow when it comes to product development are:

  • SIMPLICITY - we believe that a feature that we develop must simplify something in our customer experience right away, whether that’s being on our platform or somewhere else.
  • SPEED - we believe that TIME determines the value of a feature. We can have a grand idea, but if it takes months and years to build, it’s not worth doing it. In other words, we look for big wins.
  • RESULTS - nobody cares how much we work. Nobody cares how much money we invest in something. People want to HAVE IT NOW. So focusing on delivering results to our customers is what makes or breaks things.

If you believe in these 3 principles, you might be a fit for the product owner role.


  • Define priorities for product development based on feedback from stakeholders
  • Discuss and define a scope of a particular development project
  • Create development stories
  • Manage and collaborate with UI/UX designers to build wireframes and prototypes
  • Establish and maintain the product roadmap
  • Build product tours and demonstrations for the end-user
  • Collaborate with various teams to create feedback loop


  • SKILL - you absolutely must have the competence for the product owner role. You also must have the experience of working with a remote team from different parts of the world. We also expect you to be familiar with Agile software development approach.
  • SELF-MOTIVATION - since we don't have a corporate office - we are 100% distributed team, you should be self-motivated to work on your own.
  • HONESTY/INTEGRITY - we value teamwork. Lots of things will depend on you. Therefore, being honest about the things you can and you can't is vital to success for both - you and the company.
  • DEDICATION/RELIABILITY - there is no substitute for hard work, and when you say you are going to do something, it gets done, or you proactively flag up issues so others can help.
  • COMMUNICATION/TEAMWORK - ability to say "I don't understand" to communicate a point of view, as well as help others in the team is essential for you to grow within the organization.
  • DRIVE FOR EXCELLENCE - the ultimate judge of our work is our customers. So you must strive to make things better and continuously improve in what you do so that our customers can feel it.
  • ATTENTION TO DETAIL - we are all humans, and stuff happens, but most of the time, it should be right. We simply care about other people as well as projects.
  • CURIOSITY/PASSION - you absolutely must love doing what you do, and you should be curious to learn how stuff works, so you can continually grow and improve.


  • FULL-TIME CONTRACT - we are looking to hire you as a permanent member of our team, and we want to grow together.
  • COMPETITIVE COMPENSATION - we want you to be motivated to build the best product for our rapidly growing customer base, which is why there is no pre-set budget - we want you to be focused and willing to do your best.
  • FLEXIBILITY - we're a 100% distributed company. We have people working from different parts of the world. So as long as you can be online for a few critical conversations, the rest is down to your schedule.
  • EMPOWERMENT - whether it's about the systems that you want to use, people you want to hire, or anything related to your team, you'll be in charge.
  • RESPECT/FAIRNESS - we are all diverse people with different backgrounds and views of the world. We accept these differences, and regardless of where you are coming from, you will be respected and valued equally.
  • ZERO NONSENSE - we say what we mean, and we mean what we say. We don't create useless hierarchies - we are a team that is focused on serving our customers and make life easier for them.


If what you have learned so far sounds interesting, please send a short email to jobs @ dashnex (dot) com and tell us about yourself. If you want to stand out, please record a short video, tell us more about yourself, and why you think you are the one for the job.

Please make sure to include the title of the position you're applying for in the subject of your message and attach your resume in PDF.

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Job Summary

  • Position: Product Owner
  • Employment: Full-time
  • Location: Remote
  • Language: Native or Bilingual
  • Experience: at least 1-2 years
  • Compensation: No pre-set, negotiable
  • Other perks: Flexibility, Empowerment, Fairness.